Women With Weapons


Hello and welcome to Women with Weapons! We are one of the premier female-only PS4 gaming groups. We have several events on the calendar each month, and an active, world-wide playerbase, there is always something to do, and someone with whom to play!

Originally founded as the Grand Theft Auto crew WOWW, Women with Weapons has grown into so much more. After 4 years of playing together, WOWW is not only a gaming club, but a vibrant social community as well. The ladies of WOWW are a friendly and helpful bunch, and you can get in on the fun!

While we still play GTA:O, we also play numerous other online multiplayer games. These include, but are not limited to; Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Online, Fortnite, Rocket League, Uncharted 4, and more.  

We are a female-only community, and as such we require member voice verification. So, if you’re a woman with a PS4, are 18+ years old, uses a microphone, and have the desire to play with some like-minded ladies, this is the group for you. 

We also host a Discord server, which is our primary means of communication. All members must register on the server.

Our crew events are for members only, but we also host Friends & Family nights, which is open to anyone - male or female, over 18 years old.

Lastly, we are a LGBTQ-welcoming community. We celebrate the diversity of womanhood, including transgender, lesbian, bisexual, straight, and label-defying women. We have members from all walks of life, of different ethnicities, social backgrounds, and countries of origin.

Here are some links for you to check out so that you can get to know who we are.

Photos are added after crew events, so check back often!

What to Expect



1.  Account Linking (Rockstar Social Club only) - You must have your PSN account linked with your Social Club account and it must be visible to crew members. Please make it visible within one week of joining.


2.  Register on the WOWW Website - You must sign up on the WOWW website and fill out a Member Profile. Once you've done that and have been approved for full membership, you must post an introduction on the Forum. Please do this within one week of joining.


3.  Inactivity - If you have been inactive for two months you will be kicked from the crew. Life events happen, so you may rejoin and once you return to gaming.


4.  Cheating and Drama - If you are the type of person who has to cheat to get ahead, or if you like to cause drama, then please do not bother to join this group. Any form of negativity will not be tolerated.


5.  Crew Tag - When playing with crew members during scheduled events, you are required to use the WOWW crew tag. You can certainly join other crews, but you must spend a few hours playing under the WOWW tag for continued membership in the crew.


6. Crew Events - Only crew members are allowed to participate in scheduled crew events and sessions. Please do not invite your friends if they aren't in WOWW.  Once a month we have a Friends & Family event, where you may invite non-crew members, male or female.


7.  Respect Your Crewmates - No crew killing! People join crews for a safe and friendly environment, not to be killed by your own crew. The only exception to this rule is if you have permission from your crewmate. You will have only one warning if we get a complaint about being killed by another crew member. If you have been kicked from the crew due to misconduct, you will be banned from attending any open crew events.


8.  Have Fun! - While we do have strict policies in place, we have lots of fun. Check out our Recruitment Video! We are looking for true GTA enthusiasts who are active, want to play with other crew members and have fun together. We are an active crew and our calendar is full of events. Relax, laugh and have a good time with your crewmates!

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